Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a collection of 10 games written for the AirConsole platform. The game is based around a common theme to blend in to the crowds to win games against your friends. You use an app on your phone for the controller and click one of the links below to open the game. You will need the AirConsole app for the full effect or go to on your phone and type in the room code given to you when you start a game.

The games include some classics such as:

  • Zombies -  defend your base and fend off waves of zombies

  • Capture the flag - Capture the enemy flag whilst defending your own flag

  • Infection - Survive against the infected players

The game bundle also includes a selection of games that are based on achieving an objective whilst blending in to the crowds.

Most of the games are 2-8 players with the exceptions of Last Bot Standing which is 2-6 player and Last Zombie Standing which is 1-6 player. 

Click here to play