Cube Lamp

This is a collection of 3D cube lampshades with a lamp holder. The lampshade sides are 2.5mm thick and have the design as the infill. You need to print at 90% infill for the full effect but 10%+ works. The lamps are 105mm wide and 200mm tall. There are 5 designs in this collection:

  1. “I Love Lamp” Lampshade - This design has the writing “I Love Lamp” on each side and 4 hearts with the word “Lamp” in on the top.

  2. Pun Lampshade - This design has a lamp pun on each side and a star on the top.

  3. Space Invaders Lampshade - This design has a space invaders scene on each side with a collection of space invader aliens on the top.

  4. Swear Lampshade - This design has a different swear word on each side with a collection of swearwords on the top.

  5. Electronics Lampshade - This design is a remix from this design and has a different PCB layout on each side and on the top.


STL files for 3D Printing: Thingiverse

Parts Required


Clip-on Bulb Holder - AMAZON

RGBW LED Bayonet Bulb - AMAZON

or 4 pack LED Bayonet Bulbs - AMAZON


Hot Glue Gun - AMAZON


Build Instructions


Step 1

Print the following parts: 2x short cube sides, 2x long cube sides, 1x cube base, 1x cube top, 1x lamp base, 1x lamp neck.


Step 2

Using a glue gun, attach the sides to the cube base. Do not glue the cube top to the cube.


Step 3

Remove the bulb holder and cable from the clip-on bulb. Feed the cable through the lamp base, cable cover, lamp neck and then re-attach the cable to the bulb holder. Using long-nose pliers attach the bulb holder to the lamp neck.


Step 4

Remove the bulb holder cover, add the cube and reattach the bulb holder cover. Push the lamp neck to the lamp base.


Step 5

Insert an RGBW bayonet bulb and clip on the cube top to the top of the cube.


No electronics required.


No coding required.